AI Tools for a Small Business

AI tools for a small business

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Artificial intelligence has been on my mind. It’s a complex subject to grapple with, especially considering how lovingly Hollywood portrays our enslavement and extinction at the hands of AI in movies like Terminator or The Matrix. I don’t want to sound alarmist, but we must have these discussions about what would happen if something were ever created that had as much power over us, humans, as we do them – HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey being an example of this scenario playing out realistically enough for me not to dismiss it outright when people mention their concerns around artificial intelligence taking over humanity one day too soon.

In the small business world, artificial intelligence is a fascinating and complex concept. It’s the development of computer systems able to do tasks that typically require human skills like communicating with people, controlling objects, planning for events in their future or past (like scheduling meetings), understanding language when spoken to them by humans, and this will take your business processes towards a more flexible working model and Artificial intelligence can help small businesses manage their limited human capital including the hiring process more efficiently The term was coined by AI pioneer John McCarthy in 1956. However, as artificial intelligence technology develops, artificial becomes less accurate.”



The GPT-3 is one of the most advanced AI in existence. OpenAI, a non-profit research company founded by a group of billionaires, including Elon Musk and Sam Altman, aims to promote friendly artificial intelligence and developed it with 175 billion parameters for an “autoregressive language model.” The result? An astounding ability for generating human-like text that’s so indistinguishable from humans’ writing evaluators can’t tell which texts are generated by this marvel.

It’s one of the most buzzed-about topics in business today, and for a good reason. Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool that can help with everything from content creation to social media posts! How does it work? We can look at different situations where artificial intelligence is already being used by small businesses to make their life easier!

AI Applications

Suppose you owed a brick-and-mortar store florist shop, which also has a website. If someone searches your site for “red flowers,” what will show up? You can teach the machine to only display roses, tulips and Gerbera daisies or other options like Christmas cacti and Poinsettias if it’s closer to December. And in November or December, you could have the option of showing them wreaths made by your company. But, of course, the system doesn’t know anything until they’re programmed with the appropriate information, so there is no need to worry about an AI becoming self-aware anytime soon!

AI Tools for a Small Business used in Content Creation


Whether you’re looking to hire a team of writers for your business or just need help with some blog posts, then GPT-3 can be the perfect solution. For starters, it will cost less than hiring an in-house writer and doesn’t require any training–you know we’re always trying to save time and money! Plus, since AI software, rather than one person, writes every article, there’s little risk that human error (or bias) would affect how your product is presented online.

If you are a small business owner, artificial intelligence can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to create content, emails, and social posts for your business, both online and offline. For example, artificial intelligence could be programmed to generate marketing materials like blog posts or social media posts. It can also provide technical support or customer service by interacting with clients on Chatbots and voice assistants such as Alexa.

AI-powered chatbots can be used to provide a customer experience that is on par with larger companies I’ve seen some chatbots for restaurants that had an actual menu, full of different items, and the bot would let you order by simply tapping on something. They even handle it when people want to cancel or have questions about the menu options.

AI Applications

Using artificial intelligence, you save time and focus more on your business while getting results that you would not get by yourself without artificial intelligence. Therefore, artificial intelligence is a tool that you do not want to miss out on if you wish your business venture to succeed in this day and age.

For small businesses, artificial intelligence tools can have some specific benefits, including re-designing customer interactions, using predictive analytics to anticipate potential problems before they happen; leveraging robots or virtual agents to increase individuals’ productivity by allowing them to focus on more meaningful tasks; analysing data faster and cheaper than with human labour.; optimising companies’ warehouse operations in near-real-time; projecting traffic patterns based on previous trends or events so that you can create contingency plans and You can now automate most parts of small business operation, whether you’re interested in standardizing customer service quality or outsourcing important business administration.

Advertising using AI platforms advertising platforms are being used by large companies to target specific and potential customers who are receptive to their messages, by using Facebook, Bing or Google you have access to this targeting approach for your small business.

How to Start with AI Tools for a Small Business

One of the first steps towards getting started with artificial intelligence is determining what stage artificial intelligence will best serve your needs. This includes choosing the goals of artificial intelligence in your small business.

  • Do you want it to assist in sales?

  • Do you need assistance to manage your finances?

  • Or do you want artificial intelligence to grow your customer base

  • Writing poetry.

  • Writing creative stories

  • Text summarizer

  • Translation.

  • Writing music.

  • Accounting.

  • Writing code.

  • Writing news articles.

  • Writing web copy.

AI Dashboards to Monitor Business

Small businesses have the potential to make a big splash, but first, they need access. Financial institutions are still wary of small business lending because it’s difficult for them to predict whether or not the loan will be repaid quickly enough–meaning that if you’re looking for money from a High Street Lender when your company is just starting, chances are slim-to-none

But what if technology had power? What would happen then? Small Business owners could see their cash flow in real-time with data pulled directly into their Dashboard; lenders can help avoid costly mistakes by predicting future trends before agreeing on loans

What if this Dashboard helped them understand all credit options they qualified for today and which actions they could take to improve their rating over time? And better yet, what if the machine learning from data on thousands of business owners in similar industries would help a person head off perilous trends or dangers?

Human resources are an important aspect of any small business; however, considering the limited human resources that small businesses have, AI technology is crucial for them to manage their limited human capital more efficiently, and AI can also be used in the interview process and as skilled resources to be used in their training for the business team.

Buying AI Applications

I have purchased several new AI-based apps, some of which I have integrated successfully into my business, and would certainly be lost without them. But, unfortunately, other applications have been side-lined because they have not met my needs, or their development has not kept pace with my needs.

The AI apps I described below have met my initial needs and have grown over some months to exceed my current needs. In addition, all of the apps have either a free trial or a free version for you to assess the value to you and your business.



Frase is AI software that helps you create professional, engaging content. Content drives search engine rankings, and Frase can help you design the perfect blog post to get more clicks or optimise your landing page for conversion efficiency. Using this type of data and business intelligence can help boost your bottom line since 80 per cent of marketers say personalised content is more effective than non-personalised ones.
The AI software includes the use of English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch. I understand other languages will be added over time.
A Free Plan is currently available, allowing you to create up to 5 Frase Content Documents per month. This will enable you to evaluate how Frase will benefit your business. The AI Writing Assistant was launched in August 2021, and with all things from the Frase team, it is being developed and upgraded almost by the week. The current version is excellent, and although it will not write the entire content piece for you, it can give you directions to finish the contention record time. The AI writer, which is part of the SEO add-on, has been very supportive feedback from the users. You can create templates for the AI writer, and many of the users are allowing access to their templates for universal use on the Frase Facebook Page.



The Linguix writing assistant, with its powerful AI engine and advanced features designed to improve the user’s written work, is a must-have for any individual looking to take their skills up a notch.

The Linguix Writing Assistant offers more than just checking grammar errors; it contains an intelligent system that helps users elevate their standard of written work in all aspects of life–from improving language skills to supplying alternative words or phrases as well as spelling corrections.

There is a free version that gives feedback on spelling, grammar and punctuation, and this will provide you with a feel for the Linguix AI writing aid before subscribing to the Linguix app.


Oviond App


Oviond App

Suppose you run a digital agency or, perhaps, run several websites as part of your business. In that case, it is often difficult to keep track of your web business Oviond AI is the premier software for monitoring your digital business. With Oviond, you can create dashboards to monitor and analyse your progress or those of your clients with a simple click! I first purchased this product over 12 months ago when it was in its infancy. Since this purchase, there have been significant developments, including new features such as PDF exports capabilities on dashboard pages, so we never miss an important update again.

There is a Free 15-day trial offered so you can evaluate the AI software for your business.

The Oviond App offers a 15-day free trial to see if the AI app will be useful for your business as it is for mine. For a Small Agency or Business you can manage 20 websites at a cost of $99 per month. Obviously if you have a small number of websites it would not make economic sense.


Brand Overflow App

Brand Overflow App

Brand Overflow is a rank tracking, SEO analysis and keyword research tool. The pricing is below Ahrefs and has started offering more features for DAILY UPDATES on monitoring. I’ve found to be an essential feature of their service: Keyword Tool, Keyword Explorer, Question Generator Long Tail keywords only available through the Brand Overflow. The user interface provides a Dashboard which stops you being overwhelmed with data from all your searches or creating any question about what people search. In that case, this will help simplify it by giving you the information in an easy-to-read format that offers quick answers to take advantage of when considering using them!

Brand Overflow offers a FREE Version that never expires, with limited access which for a new business would fulfil their needs. The paid-for version costs $65.83 per month which is less than Ahref at $99 per month for the Lite version, the standard version is $179 per month.


Get Started with AI

Are you ready to welcome AI into your Small Business?

With the advances in technology, AI-based systems are becoming more and more prevalent in the business world. This technology is a time-saving tool that can help entrepreneurs focus on building their businesses, not just managing them. If you have been considering using artificial intelligence to manage your small business better, the AI Apps discussed offer a free trial or a free version, so what has been holding you back?



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