Digital Tool Kit

#small business tools

The micro-business entrepreneur should always be looking for solutions for their everyday problems which will be cost-effective and help them grow their business and develop trusting and long-term relationships with their customers.

I have spent hundreds of pounds on many different digital solutions for my businesses, some have been lifesaving, whist others have offered little in helping me develop my businesses. Within this section, I will add digital tools my many colleagues, and I have found useful. Some of the devices have a free version which you can personally evaluate before purchase. I welcome your feedback on any tools you have used.  

Domain Registration and Hosting.

Domains:-  Are you confused about what domains and hosting is all about, do not worry it is not so complicated as you first believe?

You can compare the domain address to a physical property address such as123, Any Address, London WC2 5TY. The domain is simply an address to direct people to your website, e.g.

To select and register your domain is a relatively simple process. I tend to use for the purchase of the domain. On their website, you can enter your preferred domain name, if your chosen website address is not available the search engine will offer a range of suitable suggestions. The cost of a domain range in price from £6.75 for a com name to many thousands for a highly desirable name, e.g. would cost around £2500.

Hosting: – If you are going to connect your domain name to an e-commerce site such as or, your domain will be hosted on their sites which is included in your monthly subscription charge.

If not, you will need to purchase a hosting package. If you are using a WordPress site, there are various options available. If you expect your site to have a large number of visitors you need to select the more appropriate hosting for a single website, otherwise your site may become unavailable due to high level of traffic. Remember you can start with a cheaper hosting package, and as your traffic increases, you can move to a premium hosting package.

If you are not technically minded do not worry, there are many highly accomplished developers who for realistic fees will get your e-commerce, or website up an running.

Fiverr has a large number of highly skilled freelance developers. Read their reviews, review examples of their work and discuss with the Freelancer your requirements to ensure they meet your needs, most will offer a modification to the original design