Freelancers For Your Small Business


Any small business will require expert help at various times during its early stages of development to being a mature business. Very few people have all the skills and expertise to accomplish all the tasks for an evolving business. From developing a website, building a social media network to producing a business marketing plan, you may need to recruit a Freelancer for a particular project or a short term contract.

Because of the internet, you can communicate easily with Freelancers across the globe to find a suitable person to complete your tasks.

There are many Freelancer sites you can use I will list those which I have personally used or received good feedback from my colleagues.

Freelancers Sites

#digital freelancerFiverr:-   first stated in 2010 selling a range of services from web design to logos  for $5. Lots has change now the site is divided not only into categories for different applications  and the freelancers are also graded according to their level of expertise the highest level is Pro Verified. The cost is now based upon your requirements and the Fiverr level achieved by the Freelancer. A site which can deliver on your business needs; however, read the reviews and contact the Freelancer to ensure they can deliver on your requirements.

Upwork:-  is an American agency set up in 2010 it provides a range of top freelancers and agencies, from developers and development agencies to designers and creative agencies, copywriters, campaign managers, marketing agencies and marketers, customer support reps. You just need to sign up to the site and search for the freelancer you require for the task. As with Fiverr communication is key to achieving the result you need.

Peopleperhour:-  This platform aims to be the site where clients can get everything they need for their business, which is why it presents a wide range of projects that target marketers, SEO specialists, software engineers, designers, content creators. You can view existing  projects to get a feel for the available freelancer. The same rules apply requiring good communication to ensure the freelancer understands your project needs.

There are others freelancer sites available if these do not me provide the service you need.