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Photography has always been an essential component of design and illustrating your business or personal blog.

Unfortunately, we have grown accustomed to seeing bland, stock images of people in business suits shaking hands.

These stock photos are often tacky, and they can be expensive. Happily, there are a growing number of sites offering free images or subscription sites where you have access to thousands of photos and vectors for commercial purposes.

These images can have a tangible impact on your site. In addition, the photos you download can be used for your future projects.


A lot of quality photos can be found there. Their website is straightforward to navigate; they offer more than 780,000 free photos. Their collection of photographs include cityscapes, nature, images of people, animals and more. 

You can filter using the search bar to narrow your search by factors such as media type, orientation, colour and minimum dimensions. You can choose your image based on your size when you download the photos.


Unsplash serves up ten new photos every ten days. However, this site offers something a little different from some of these others—more unique images. So instead, look for photos via their search bar, various collections or even what is new on the site. 

On top of downloading beautiful and unique photos, every photo published on Unsplash can be copied, modified, distributed, and used without permission or attribution.


Pexels stock photos give you free stock photos that you can use everywhere. All the images can be used free of charge for commercial purposes. In addition, the site now has many stock videos you can use for the marketing of your personal or business blog.


Canva has both free and subscription options. The Free Canva site has a range of magnificent images and vectors for your design needs.

Canva also provides a range of temples to create your business logos, social media and blog posts. This is a terrific site to indulge your artist talent to create unique designs for your business.


They offer an extensive library of royalty-free stock photos and comprehensive pricing options to fit your budget.

The images can be purchased on-demand with credit packs at £2.39 – £3.90  per image. They also have an option of joining a subscription option to buy images at a better price. In addition, you have access to a range of images, vectors and videos to meet the needs of most business owners.