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he small business imagesAny marketing publication will have many photos to describe a situation or a product visually. If you own an e-commerce site, images or videos are essential elements of your marketing activities. Therefore, you must use photos or videos you have made of your products so that your customers have an accurate representation of the product.

Stock photos: –

There are many excellent sites where you download and use copyright free images on your site or in a publication. You will need good quality images to attract your customers’ attention The small business owner has a problem in being  able to afford to buy high-quality stock photos which can be expensive when you consider the number of photos you will need for your website and your social media accounts. Two sites I use for stock photos; however, they do  charge for their images are:-

  Depositphotos:-  has a range of high-quality images, vectors and the continuing growing video library  for every possible niche. It is my go do to site when I am looking for a specific image to illustrate elements of my site or social media images. They have a subscription model and the plan you purchase does not expire  you can download your images when needed 

Shutterstock:-  they were one of the original stock photo sites and have an amassing  collection of high-quality images, vectors and videos  and  across all niches.  They have now started to include music downloads for your YouTube videos. They like Depositphotos use a subscription model and in addition have an on-demand service for images, however, you must download the images you have within a year of purchase


What is creative commons licence you ask? It means the images are free of any copyright and are in the public domain; therefore, these images can be used in any commercial project without attribution.

The six sites below are ones I use on almost every day to provide high-resolution images which you can use in all aspects of marketing your business.


Pexels provides excellent free images which you can use on your website and in social media


Always worthwhile checking out Pixabay which has a considerable collection of hi-resolution stock photos.


Unsplash has a range of high-quality images to use on your social media sites. Etc.


I have only recently found this stock image site, and I found the images perfect for my business needs and Pikwizard also has a large number of high-quality images of people, which are not always available on other images sitesterific collection for 

Design For Your Marketing Needs

#thesmall business instagramYou have created an image and design for your website and marketing needs. 

What next? Are you going to use the image on your Instagram, Facebook Page, or other social media sites 

You want to create a design that will persuade the potential customers to stop and view your carefully crafted design and click to you site. Most of us do not have the creative skills to produce a design which meets these needs. Canva is a design platform where you can use one of the many templates to quickly create ads for your social media needs, business cards, website banners and much more…..!

Canva:- has both a Free to use platform, and a premium platform for those who need more advanced tools. I use the FREE Platform because it meets my business needs, and  probably those of most small business owners. Give a try it is fun designing your own ads using the hundreds of template available