Social Champ Review: How Does it Work?

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social champ A small business owner has many activities to manage, and the social media account can often be one step too many. Let’s face it businesses can’t operate without social media, but not all social media accounts are created equally. Like the ones made by business owners, some social media accounts can reach out to their target audience through social media networks. But, in contrast, others can only enhance the overall social media presence of a business.

SocialChamp is an online tool designed to help small business owners manage their social media accounts. It allows them to create content, schedule posts, and monitor analytics

You need to create a marketing plan that includes a strategy to reach out to potential customers. Your goal should get more people to buy your products or services.

social champ review

Then Social Champ might be the solution for you! The use of social media platforms is an essential part of our lives. People spend countless hours every day scrolling through their social media feeds. This makes social media a powerful tool for businesses to create relevant content to build a social presence, connect with customers, and build effective customer relationships.

Social Champ is an effective social media management tool designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses. This automated social media tool allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously, schedule posts, track engagement, and more.

Social Champ provides a social platform for a range of enterprise companies, from social media agencies to small businesses, with a simple content dashboard to manage their social media presence.

With Social Champ, you can easily manage multiple social accounts from one place. Allowing to create a posting schedule and manage social media posts across networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr;

Automation tools allow users to manage multiple social media accounts simultaneously. All major social media channels and platforms are integrated into the dashboard. Users can schedule posts on all platforms exactly when they want to schedule the content in advance, and the Social Media Calendar is a valuable tool to have

Key Features of Social Champ

With its multiple automation, management, scheduling tools, Social Champ helps you maximise your time spent on social media. Here are the key highlights!

Social Media Scheduling

You want a social media scheduling tool that is effective and saves you valuable time. Social Champ is an incredibly robust set of powerful features set for its price point, including a social media monitoring tool, mention management, keyword tracking, and more.

Scheduling lets you create new content and curates older content so that it’s always fresh for other social media platforms and published at different times. The social media calendar is a visual reminder of the upcoming campaigns

Sentiment analysis allows brands to maintain their unique voices across social media channels. In addition, the hashtag manager helps save them lots of time by grouping similar hashtags into groups for easy access.

You can also schedule time-sensitive content by setting frequency and time intervals.

Tracking and Analytics

Social Champs‘ monitoring analytics tool lets you see everything happening on your social media accounts at once. You can use this tool to check both weekly and monthly analytics for any site. Graphs show trends over time and allow you to see patterns within large amounts of data. In addition, they’re great at establishing relationships between variables.

Additionally, the analytics are calculated using platform-centric metrics, allowing you to track each metric that matters for a particular social network, including keyword tracking.

You can use this tool to highlight which types of articles perform well for your account. From there, you can decide whether to keep writing them or not. You can also share the most popular articles across social media platforms within the Social Champ platform.

All generated reports are presented in the form of ready-to-download presentations. If you want to go even farther, you could use white-labelled options to add your company’s name and logo.

Repeat & Recycle

You can set a frequency for when you want to repeat your post. For example, if you’re posting three times per week, you could choose Monday at 1 p.m. and Wednesday at 6. If you want to keep an old post but change some things, click “retain”; if you don’t like something posted by someone else, click “remove.”

It lets you test which times your posts perform the best so you can keep them consistent throughout the week.

Another helpful feature is the recycle option, which saves your evergreen content for later use. You can collect blog post ideas for future campaigns by creating collections of posts. You can track conversions using UTM tracking when creating new pieces of content by attaching a URL parameter to each piece of content.


The Auto-RSS is an automation feature that helps you stay connected with your favourite blogs without constantly publishing new content. Instead, connect your preferred blogs to your social accounts, and this scheduling feature ensures their content will automatically be posted to your social profile.

Social Champ will directly post it to your profile with images and links. In addition, you can schedule content posting to your social media accounts after publishing on the website or by setting up a custom scheduling program for your future posts. You can also customise each feed’s title, tags, mentions, and description.

Bulk Upload Feature

Using the bulk uploader, you can easily schedule many posts at once.

Of course, not everyone will use that feature, but knowing that it could make them feel better. With a simple CSV (comma separated values) file, you can easily add URLs, texts, images, hashtags, and mentions to any post. So you can now see all the posts from each social media calendar in one place!


Workspaces & Team Collaboration

Team collaboration features allow you to collaborate with the team without sharing credentials. And the all-new workspaces features enable you to group all the client’s social media profiles and assign team members.

You can enable post-approval for both these features so that you can vet everything that goes live.

If you have multiple clients, share the workspace with the concerned person and let them approve posts.

Social Champ has a sentiment analysis tool to help you create the impression you have set as your goal

Tool Integrations & Apps

Social Champ has some excellent integrations, which include:- Integration– connect to your account and use it to shorten your links

RSS Integration allows you to integrate websites into your Social Champ account and view the latest content.

Canva-connect directly with your canva account to edit your images.

Crello- Use the editing tools to improve your campaigns –connect to your account to create and edit videos

Chrome Browser Extension –use a Chrome extension to schedule or create content directly to your social profiles.

iOS and Android App –download your apps and schedule your postings. These will be synchronised with your desktop

WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin is a power-packed feature, which allows you to add your WordPress posts to Social Champ’s queue or post right away on your preferred social media network. In addition, it offers multiple tags, such as featured images, titles, custom content, which can be used to customise posts.

You can use the WordPress plugin with Facebook pages and groups, Instagram business, LinkedIn pages and groups, Pinterest boards, Twitter profiles, and Google My Business listings.

Social Champ Prices

The prices of Social Champ are based on several factors. The most important is how much you want to spend and your budget. For the small business owner or entrepreneur, the $9 per month offers excellent value and would meet most business needs.

You can trial the Social Champ for seven days free of Charge to evaluate the social media management tool and determine its value in meeting the needs of your business and your business social media champion. Social Champ has four amazing pricing plans to meet the requirements of all potential users, from the one-person business to,mid-sized businesses to the small agency that needs 100 social accounts. You can pay for your Social Champ account either monthly or yearly, which offers a discount on your subscription.

  • Pro – $9 per month with 15 social accounts for yearly subscriptions.
  • Champ – $26 per month with 25 social accounts for yearly subscriptions.
  • Business – $89 per month with 50 social accounts for yearly subscriptions.
  • Agency – $179 per month with 100 social accounts for yearly subscriptions.

Social Champ for Your Business

Social Champ is a formidable social media management tool that makes managing your social media presence easy and effective. It also allows you to track performance and get insight into how your audience engages your brand. Your time should be focused on growing your business, not managing your social media presence.

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