What Are Chatbots Used For in a Small Business?

chatbots for a small business

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Chatbots are gradually becoming a household name in many countries. They are taking over the online business by working on advanced artificial intelligence, mainly on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, and many more.

Many small business owners are adopting this technology to save time and improve customer service. Chatbots work hard, making it a better experience for both the company and its customers as chatbot marketing activities are more effective with conversational messages convenient for consumers who need help from their favourite brands anytime they please.

There are several chatbot platforms that you can use to build conversational marketing applications for your website, including the Microsoft bot framework and API.AI.

API.AI is a company that provides tools for companies to create and develop their Chatbot in natural language processing (NLP). They differ from other types of bots, like Siri or Alexa, because they are customisable.

The little blue bubble icon on your Facebook Messenger is so familiar to you, and yet you still click into it. You are not alone! Chatbots are widely recognised as important customer service innovations. With the increase in mobile devices, more people than ever turning to their mobile devices for information, chatbots can provide a solution that will allow even the smallest businesses to stay competitive. We can discuss the application of chatbots within a small business.

What is a Chatbot

#chatflowA Chatbot is a program that simulates an online conversation with one or more human beings. It’s just software designed to automate conversations, either by responding in natural language, recognising patterns and then offering specific responses based on those patterns, or understanding the user intent through keywords and phrases- you can integrate these three approaches. There are two particular types of chatbots: * Chatbots created for entertainment purposes (e.g., virtual assistants like Siri) * Business bots used as customer service agents What do they offer small businesses? You need to look at the features of the available Bots and consider the best way to find out how your company could use them would be looking into the Chatbot features list and decide which best fits your business needs.

Chatbots can automate the customer experience, including an automated response system and active listening capabilities for individual or group conversations. This type of Chatbot has a customisable dashboard where companies build up their personalised content to respond to questions from clients.

What are the types of Chatbots?

What are some types of Chatbots? Personalised bots have pre-built personality profiles based on information provided by the user (e.g., if a person’s name is John Smith, then the bot will greet them as ‘John’). Generalist bots answer simple queries like “How does this work?”. In contrast, Expert Bots handle specific tasks such as calculating order discounts or checking accounts balances and are helpful for e-commerce sites.

What are Chatbots used for in a small business?

Chatbots are a fantastic tool for businesses to use to provide excellent customer service all on their own. The technology currently available can take the strain away from employees by using Chatbot’s software. Still, it should never be used as a replacement for human interaction altogether- sometimes people need more help than they could get from the robot alone!

1. Customer service

#chatbotcustomerserviceChatbots can help automate customer service strategy by using customer service applications responding to customer interactions questions from customers and then passing them on to an expert agent if needed.

With this new system in place, human agents can now answer more complicated or time-consuming queries.

Chatbot responses are often shorter than human answers because they summarise the questions being asked; this brevity is one of their advantages compared with agents who might give too much information and take longer to answer.

But with the right tools, your customers will find themselves served even faster. They will be able to use other forms of help from you, including phone and email contact options in addition to live chat.

Customers may feel frustrated with an automated response that does not address their particular issue. Suppose it is more complicated than what can be resolved through natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology. In that case, there needs to be a link to a human in the customer service department.

Customer Service: Responding to simple inquiries such as how does this work? Expert Bots respond with detailed instructions while generalist bots answer any basic questions about your company’s services that may arise (e.g., “Are you open right now)

2. Marketing automation

The Chatbot can help generate a lead by providing basic information about your company, such as the services you offer. The Chatbot is an effective tool that can help in marketing and sales productivity.

Effectiveness: Research has shown that people respond better when they talk with artificial intelligence rather than a human being because it’s more convenient, less expensive, and faster

Real-life is unpredictable, and so is chatbot effectiveness. Not to say that a well-designed chatting bot can’t be helpful, but it’s up to the user to use it most effectively. enough so that it can answer the most common queries

3. Lead generation

Your advert on Facebook or Twitter may have more responses than a routine call to action. Still, the Chatbot will generate leads by asking for basic information about the individual and how you can help them.

The generation of leads via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter ads might be higher with this method because it’s easier to convert these into sales; research has shown that people respond to artificial intelligence better than humans because it is more convenient. After all, they find the overall process quicker.

4. Sales support

On your website, many of the chatbots integrate with your WordPress website means you can provide information to a visitor about the products and services you offer; Chatbot will be able to handle any enquiries or questions they might have. Chatbots can provide an accurate response without needing a lengthy email back-and-forth.

A local company that provides heating services could use a chatbot to identify and deal with customers specific needs, repair of heating system, booking a service, or providing a quotation for a new heating system. You could use these features of a chatbot with great results because it would allow them to answer customer queries even when their employees are unavailable.

Everyone wants to do what’s best for their beloved business. There are many ways to improve, but chatbots aren’t the go-to answer for all situations. Some people use them, and some don’t, just like with anything else in life! Businesses need to know the benefits and drawbacks of using one before deciding whether or not it’ll be effective in their current situation.

                                                                                                                                                                          Chatbot  Sales Funnel


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Frase Chatbot  Answers

Content Writing If you write content for your website or social media then Frase.io can help in writing the perfect tone of voice for a professional blog post that will improve the performance and look consistent with other posts on your site, while also providing an interactive chatbot to engage potential followers from anywhere they are browsing online.

Just because Google knows what you are looking for doesn’t mean they’ll always show you the best results. You need to help them out! A Frase.io platform is a tool that will take your content and optimise it for Google listings, increasing the chances of being found on searches. When it comes to SEO, don’t just keep up with the latest trends. Make sure your site is continually updated for all of Google’s algorithm updates so that you get those coveted rankings and drive traffic from search engines!

Frase Answers makes it easy for customers to find and understand the answers they are looking for with a Chatbot that deliver answers to your website users based on the questions they ask. As a marketer, you are probably looking for a way to better connect with your customers.  You want to make it easy for people to find what they are looking for by enticing them to ask questions.  Frase Answers makes it easy for the Chatbot to answer questions and their artificial intelligence technology makes their answers more accurate.


If these are taken into account first, then there shouldn’t be any major issues down the road when implementing this new technology into your company! For example, does your business require customer service representatives to answer common questions efficiently while allowing employees from other departments more time off work? Or do you want an automated system that tracks metrics without needing input- if so, a chatbot may not prove as helpful as desired?

After adopting chatbots, small business owners will better interact with clients and free up some time for their human employees.

The benefits of using a chatbot cannot be understated, as it gives the owner access to tools that allow them more significant interaction with potential and existing customers. It also frees up time for humans who can focus on tasks requiring more attention or expertise like marketing.

Which Chatbots should you use?

What should you use to get your website or business’s message across? There are hundreds of Chatbots available for a range of industries, and the price can be as low as few pounds to several thousand per month.

Chatbots are the new trend in marketing. These digital assistants can do anything from answering basic customer inquiries to managing inventory and even taking orders!

The best part? All these chatbot platforms come with a monthly fee that is less than £20 per month. And integrate seamlessly into Facebook Messenger, WordPress Websites; let’s consider the following:


Better for a small business involved in marketing and sales and integrates with Facebook Messenger.

Create a chatbot to book an appointment, capture contact info, sell products, and build relationships with the customers using Facebook Messenger. And you can create your own automated messaging!


· Integrates with several email providers such as MailChimp, and for e-commerce Shopify

· Several Templates

· Interactive and tailored content

Cost: –

You can start with the Free plan, in which you can have up to a thousand contacts per month.

The Pro version starts at $10 per month, with features such as SMS and email usage charged on a Pay As You Go basis.

There are several template and growth tools to help develop your business.

Chatfuel is a chatbot platform that can integrate with live chat on the Facebook channel. The bot allows business owners to engage with their followers on social media and organically generate leads, as well as analyse statistics to see how they are doing online


· Automate Facebook Messenger Chat

· Connect warm leads to sales reps

· Automate FAQs

Cost: –

Chatfuel offers a free plan that unlocks all the features so long as you have no more than 50 users.

If you require more usage for $15 per month, you can have up to 500 users and go up with your subscribers. 1K subscribers are $20 per month, and 2K subscribers are $30 per month.

Mobilemonkey Chatbot:

MobileMonkey lets you chat online with whoever signs up for your service. Anyone can use chatbots without coding experience to create a personalised, automated interaction on any channel of choice – Facebook Messenger, SMS or WebChat. Mobile Monkey is the perfect way to get in touch anytime from anywhere!


· Integration with a range of apps, including Facebook Messenger and Zapier

MobileMonkey is the perfect tool for any marketer who wants to harness Facebook Messenger marketing. With MobileMonky’s free plan, you can do all of this and more!

Cost: –

The Free plan up to 1000 credits per month

Pro version starts at $21.75 per month. The additional features are available on the Unicorn Plan at $51 per month.

Build a Chatbot

#buildabotIf you do not feel confident about creating one of these chatbots, a developer from Fiverr professional Developers will build and install the Chatbot in Facebook Messenger and on your website

Chatbots have been around for decades and were initially developed to act like automated customer service agents. The future of Chatbots as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more advanced; chatbots started taking on different roles inside organisations. They’ve gone from carrying out mundane tasks to helping employees do their jobs better and smarter! With this new role comes increased importance; bots can’t be just tools anymore—they need to develop further to enhance human conversation, personality, voice, and brand recognition. To ensure the user experience provides excellent customer satisfaction.


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