How to use social media for small business marketing


Small businesses are now more than ever relying on social channels to connect with customers, grow their brands and keep up with the latest marketing trends. With so many social media sites to choose from, it can be difficult for a small business owner who doesn’t have much time or resources to know where they should invest their efforts.

1. #socialmediatalkSocial Interaction

As a small business owner, Social Media is a great way to interact with your followers and customers and build trust. You need to have a calendar of the posts and dates to be posted to your platforms. You can interact with them and engage them in conversations about your products and services.

The range and type of social media platforms you use very much depends on your business; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and using video to promote your business YouTube and TikTok are essential platforms for your video.

Marketing and social media are and will become a critical part of your business landscape. This content drives the user to engage with social media to be more successful consider using video and high-quality photos. Furthermore, it will show you how a marketing campaign can use your social media content through the social media channel. This engine powers your competitiveness and achievement of your business goals.

You will get a deeper understanding of where to post when to use them, how to consistently engage others with your messages, and create engaging content that keeps viewers on the platform and generates leads.

2. Small Business Social Media Trends

Content Trending Resources
  1. If you are looking for the trends associated with your niche you can sign up for Facebook groups supporting your niche to help identify the latest questions around your business
  2. Quora is a forum where you can join groups in your business niche to identify the latest trends.
  3. Reddit.  is another social news platform that enables users to discuss issues relating to their business sector. You can answer questions the users have submitted this can often increase traffic and interest in your business.
  4. Buzzsumo is a useful site to see what is trending on social media relating to your business. The subscription is $90 per month which is outside the budget of most small business, there is a free search option, however, the number of searches allowed is limited

One of the points about using social media is building your audience consistency to provide social media users with helpful content. If you can help people know when to expect your online content posting, they will become active users and start making it part of their routine and expecting new content from you on certain days or certain times per day and that’s critical to building any community.  It would help if you were consistent with the strategies you put forward. And people will remember you as being consistent and providing relevant content. Successful marketers avoid saying “yes” to every potential customer. If something highly sought-after comes along, you must write or say no if you know you won’t be able to follow through on your commitment. To be consistent, remind yourself of why you want to talk to a specific person. What task or benefit does she or he bring to you?

What problem are you trying to solve? Chances are, your topic of interest is both practical and competitive, and someone has a direct link to solving it. Build a relationship to understand who you’re talking to and why you’re talking to them. It would help if you had identified who your ideal customer is and why you’re talking to them; you’d be able to target them more accurately and provide resources and information specifically for them.

Once you’ve established your connection and understood the value you bring, it’s time to put together your marketing strategy.

#socialmediamarketing3. What Is Small Business Social Media Marketing?

This is about creating content relevant to your audience and sharing it with them in a way that’s appealing to them to engage with you and are most likely to buy your product or service. A social media campaign’s beauty is that it is only as complex as your business and marketing team decide.

As you can imagine, the more complicated and quirky your social media strategy is, the more your business’s credibility will suffer. Social media becomes a hobbyist approach to business that will crush just about any other method if used haphazardly. It’s best to plan your strategy and develop a solid social media strategy based on your specific business needs, revenue projections, and engagement goals.

An excellent social media strategy will help you engage and convert followers into customers. It’s your job as the business founder to plan and manage your social media presence effectively. This is all part of the small business marketing plan; if this is a new area, you seek assistance on social media forums such as Quora or Reddit. Look for courses, many of which are free, on the use of social media in the small business. e.g. Futurelearn Digital Skills: Social Media

It is satisfying to keep your guests engaged with you and what they need for their own community. The tone of voice on social media must be engaging, professional, and friendly to meet everyone’s needs!

Social Media can help make sure visitors are satisfied when visiting your site or viewing content. There will always be new comments and likes and more engagement due to dopamine-releasing during an interaction.

Here are two essential categories to consider when you form your social media strategy.

  • What content will you create, and what types of content are you looking to produce?
  • Which platforms are you focusing your efforts on? Content creation is about creating original, authentic, and compelling content relevant and valuable to your audience.
  • You can’t build social media momentum unless you plan and create valuable and timely content.

Your content strategy should be focused on your target audience in the niche they’re looking for and the type of content and interaction they’re looking for to meet their personal needs. This approach will ultimately lead to a more successful campaign.

Your tone of voice as you write can shape how people receive that information, so make sure it’s professional.

 4. Staying Relevant On Social Media:

How To Stay In Touch With Your Customers

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and to keep them updated on what’s going on in your business. You can also use social media to interact with your customers and ask them questions about their experiences with your products and services, helping you improve your products and services.

Marketing social media is not only important as part of your overall social media strategy; it is also an excellent way of reaching out to potential new customers. It also generates a lot of leads. According to a 2017 Deloitte study, a well-planned social media strategy can help your company achieve significant growth.

An excellent social media strategy supports customer engagement and brand awareness. It can create a positive user experience throughout the marketing funnel.

There are three keys to success in social marketing:

  1. Strategy,
  2. Content,
  3. Measurement and engagement.

You need to think about each of these in your social media marketing. Not only to continue reaching your customers but also to boost your company’s growth. The simple idea drives social media marketing:-

  •  Tell stories:- Tell how your company is making a difference in someone’s life and why they should choose you.
  •  It is also essential to have a precise aim and strategies to tell that story.
  • I understand the importance of an overall strategy, how it is connected to each of the areas mentioned previously, and of course,
  • the social media tools you should use.

Here are four easy steps to follow to market your social media effectively: If you want to grow your business, social media marketing is an excellent way to stay in touch with current customers. You can also use social media to reach out to your customer onboarding team and ask them questions and improve the conversion rates

Where to tell the story



Social Media has proven to be a valuable tool in the hands of a small business. But with so many social media sites out there, how does one decide which ones are right for them? Let’s look at the social networks options available to your small business and deciding which are the best options


Facebook is the best way to share your company’s products, but also its culture. With over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook and 61% of them being Americans in their 25-54 age range, this platform is perfect for lead generation.

Facebook is the obvious choice for a small business because you can set up a free of charge business page to focus on your products and customers. Also, you can now open a shop selling your physical products directly to your audience.

You must post regularly on your site to promote stories around your business and promote your products.

The small business owner can use the site’s demographics for advertising to their target audience with social media advertising that have been designed just for people who fit into this demographic, which should generate leads but also set up relationships between customers


Instagram is a wonderful platform for brands to share their products, values and voice. It has expanded in many ways in the past year while still keeping its roots as an excellent photo-sharing site. They have recently added “stories” that let users post short videos that expire after 24 hours!

The Instagram story is a great chance to show instead of telling. If you’re not satisfied with what your profile looks like now, don’t worry because the stories can be deleted from your account later on!

 Become an Influencer

Increasing the number of Instagram followers is not always easy to achieve. It is about producing good information and the use of excellent images or videos to support your brand. You can use our pre-built free template from Canva.com to encourage users to head over to your Instagram account: You will be aware of the “influencers” on Instagram. They have ten of thousands of people following their every move and promote products directly to their following. You can use a similar principle by linking to your profile.


Pinterest is a social media platform ideal for small business platform used by millions of people. Businesses can use it to drive traffic, gain new customers and build brand recognition. Founded in 2009, it’s gone from 10,000 users to over 291 million active monthly users today. The majority of these people are millennials, with women aged 25-54 comprising 51% of the total user base and men making up 38%. There’s also been an increase among all age groups as new membership continues to rise by 1 million members per month, and people on Pinterest are spending money.

Pinterest, an online pin-board where users can save and share images with other people on the internet, has a remarkably high return rate. On average, it gives back 400% per pound spent on advertising costs (including freebies). But to get that much success, all you need is consistency; be active every day of the week if possible! Create eye-catching visuals or videos for your product, so they are likely to go viral – making them visible not just among potential buyers but also those who may retweet posts about products onto their followers’ feeds. Once you’ve got the momentum going–you’ll find more traffic coming through as well as increased conversions from past customers too.

Many businesses and brands can take advantage of the Pinterest platform to increase their traffic. Not only is it an excellent way for high earners who make up 40% of all users, but they also have an eye-catching design that encourages conversions!


There are 192 million daily active users on Twitter. Sixty-three per cent of all Twitter users worldwide are between 35 and 65, and 66 per cent of users are male.

Twitter has become a worldwide platform for creative and share stories, news articles, or amusing anecdotes with 280 character limits. Twitter created this opportunity for users by introducing the new limit on tweets that make it easier than ever before expressing your thoughts.

You can use Twitter for business by using both photos and videos to get your message across. Part of that is standing out from the competition, constantly engaging with your audience, and adding valuable content to every post you make for both current and potential customers to increase the engagement rate


LinkedIn is the social media tool for connecting with professionals. With more than 500 million members, it has revolutionized how we find jobs and networks new connections in a way that was not possible before its inception. Exclusively made to be used by business people for B2B companies. LinkedIn can help you make meaningful relationships and create an online presence worthy of any professional’s attention

LinkedIn is not necessarily the best place to find new customers. It’s more of a platform connecting people in different fields for professional purposes, like networking and job-searching. You should keep in mind about LinkedIn is that it may be challenging to maintain an outgoing or fun tone when communicating on this site; as such, your voice should remain business like – there won’t always be room for humour!


This is an excellent video-based platform. It is the world’s most popular platform for sharing information via videos and tends to have a higher interaction rate with the majority of participants. It fulfils the needs of entertainment to education, and everything in between; it now boasts 2 billion monthly users and has truly revolutionized how people communicate their stories with one another. And that’s what makes it such an attractive tool for businesses — not just because they’re able to reach so many potential customers worldwide but also because there are viewers who will watch anything you put on this powerful medium and others who are study participants wanting to improve their knowledge and skills.

YouTube is an ideal social media platform for business in 2021 and beyond. With the recent boom of online video streaming, it’s easy to see that YouTube will be a popular platform for companies looking to reach new audiences. It might take some time upfront to find your niche on this site but don’t get discouraged! Most of the current smartphones are more than capable of shooting high-quality videos with ease when following these simple directions-

 1) Remember not every clip needs sound if you’re creating an instructional piece about baking cookies

2) Avoid using zoom during filming

 3). Try incorporating visuals

 4). Keep shots less than 10 seconds long!

YouTube is an excellent tool for media companies, but it’s also perfect if you want to embed videos on your site without having any of the hassles. The website provides an easy-to-embed code in multiple formats that can be put anywhere across your web page and instantly create high-quality video content!



TikTok is currently the fastest growing social media platform with over 1 billion active monthly visitors and 500 million downloads. It allows users to create short, looping videos that are quickly becoming a must-post for businesses who use this as an advertising tool to leverage brand awareness. TikTok’s user base’s most significant demographic falls between the ages 16 – 24 years old, but if you think it’s just a fad or only relevant with Generation Z, there may be some surprises coming your way!

A recent study revealed that 86% of Facebook posts come from friends and family members. In contrast, only 14% come from brands—with over 60 million Instagram followers posting on their timeline every day, this might become irrelevant soon enough!

TikTok has exploded in popularity and is becoming a go-to social media platform for businesses looking to spread their brand awareness. With over 500 million downloads, the app’s largest demographic consists of users between 16 and 24. With more than 1 billion active monthly visitors, TikTok may be appealing to an even wider audience soon enough.


A small business owner does not have the time or resources to use all the social media platforms; so, work to use one or two platforms, which matches your business needs. If you are a craft business, Instagram is probably the best image site, and if you want to offer training or demonstration, a YouTube channel is a must for your audience base

Schedule Your Social Media Postings (Click on Video to Play)

 I find myself wanting to post on two or more media channels, but time is always a luxury. We all feel at times there are not enough hours in the day sometimes! That is why my favourite social media scheduler for small businesses are Social Champ because you can schedule posts with just one click and even set up content for future weeks ahead. The price for the Social Champ professional version, which is ideal for the small business owner, is $10 per month

For the small business owner, the Professional option is about right

·        Post to 15 social accounts

·       Schedule 300 posts

·       Price $10 per month 

There are other options for larger companies to use, increasing the number of posts you can schedule each month.

Stock Images & Videos

#stockimages2021The images and videos you use on your social media should ideally be images you have created about your products and services. There will be occasions where a stock image would be appropriate for your postings

Three Free Copyright sites to use.

·        Pexels

·        Unsplash

·        Pixabay

Social media can offer small business opportunities; your customers expect high-quality service and products at their fingertips, which is why social media marketing is an effective marketing channel. A well-thought-out strategy is integral for a successful campaign for your small business.

As a small business owner, Social Media is a fantastic way to interact with your followers and customers. You can also engage in conversations about the products you’re selling or even what’s going on at work! The conversation needs to be informative and engaging; use it to offer discounts to your established audience. Social media will not go away and can help develop your online and direct business.


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