What is content marketing for a small business?


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What is Content Marketing?


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Content marketing is becoming one of the most popular and effective methods for small businesses to reach their target audience. With content, you can create a professional sounding voice that speaks directly with your customers and potential clients by posting articles or videos on sites like social media instead of relying solely on expensive advertising campaigns. You also have access to an unlimited number of platforms where you can share it such as YouTube, blogs, podcasts etc.,
When running a campaign, the power behind using content-based strategies should not be understated – think about all those people who would buy what they need if only someone told them?

However, many small business owners don’t know where to start when it comes to developing a content marketing strategy that will work for them. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can use the content on social media and the benefits of video marketing so that you can get started today!


What is Content Marketing Strategy?

#contentstretagyYou need to have a strategy that helps create and distribute valuable, relevant content to engage customers and prospects more deeply. The original content may include blog content on your website, videos, podcasts, social media posts- any types of quality information that will educate people about what you do as a company, which products/services you offer them.

The question often asked does business content marketing work for small businesses?

The benefits of content creation do

  • Greater return on a smaller investment
  • Increases your business to new prospects and a larger audience. Improve trust with customers through lead nurturing boost organic search visibility
  • The content can drive an audience to lead magnet for a growing business and creating a valuable asset in the email addresses of your target customers.

How do you develop a content strategy for your business?

#socialmedia2021A strategy for content marketing is different from a traditional one. It needs to be explicitly tailored to the way your target customers are using social media, and it should include an ongoing analysis of what’s working and what isn’t. You can achieve this by using analytics tools such as Facebook Business Tools and Google Analytics to measure traffic to your blog and measure conversion rates and bounce rates on your blog.

It starts with finding out whom you want as your audience, then deciding which platforms they’re on, such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, and making sure that their experience with each platform matches the kind of information you want them to receive there.

Once you have this figured out, develop specific goals for how often you’ll publish new posts or articles to reach these people; make plans about where those assets will live (blog page, social media account); decide which topics can help achieve these goals.

Develop your brand identity as a key resource for your audience

The single most important thing you can do to attract and engage your audience is to have a clear identity.

  • Defining what kind of content they want, how often they want it and where it should live (blog page, social media account)
  • Deciding which topics can help achieve these goals
  • Content writing is one way for small businesses to develop their brand persona so that people know who they are and what the business stands for. Content also helps with SEO by attracting traffic back to the company’s website or blog. Finally, giving customers an idea of what you offer will make them more likely to contact your business when looking for something specific to find information about products at their disposal.
  • Constant posts at specific times each day can be enough to keep business followers happy. They will have a stream of information they want constantly coming in without being bombarded by TV ads which are expensive and ineffective because people find them irritating!
  • Video is a must-have route to reach the attention of your target audience.

The use of Video should be planned strategically and placed to reach its intended viewers for them to see what you have to offer.

Video can also be used on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, either by posting short videos that last no longer than 1-2 minute or by embedding a player on your blog page. Hence, visitors can watch full-length videos without leaving the site.

– Small business content writing is essential when establishing an online presence for any company, big or small. People want information about products; they are looking into buying before making their purchase decision. Content not only provides the customer with helpful information but helps develop your brand.

  1. Images are essential as part of the content because they can be used in social media posts, blog post headers and other visuals.
  2. Content marketing is not just about how but also why content marketing works for small businesses.
  3. Many reasons show that content marketing does work for small business, including achieving a significant increase in ROI and exposure to new prospects and a larger audience and improved trust with customers through lead nurturing and boosting organic search visibility.


Developing Content

#content writing2021Developing compelling and high-quality content will always be your most important task during this process because it’s what you’re promoting and giving away for free. Remember that not everyone who visits or reads your blog post will convert into a customer, so use analytic tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Business tools to measure the interaction with each type of content. The main goal of creating great articles is providing value in the hope that visitors will turn into leads which then increases the chances of getting more customers long term!

Using Brainstorming techniques will help you develop a list of ideas that you can use to create the forms of content in a topics list for your social network sites and blog, which should increase your organic traffic by improving your search rankings on the search engines.

  • Read comments on your Social Media sites and other competitor sites
  • Look at your niches on Facebook, Quora and Reddit to see the questions people ask within your niche.
  • Market Research Survey Poll on your blog and social sites to understand your readers’ interests and needs.
  • Carry out a Keyword search to help you create your content

You’ll also need some resources such as images, graphics, and videos to collect these items by identifying sources like Free Stock Images, YouTube Videos, etc. You should have all of this information saved on a note pad before continuing onto drafting the article! There are several Photo sites where you can download copyright-free images, videos and images. Do not just download images from Google because most will be copyright images.

Image Sites

Pixels- free Video and images

Unsplash – Free Images

Pixaby – Free Images & Video

Depositphotos – Subscription site for Images, Video & Vectors


What is Marketing Content Creation?

#contentmarketingcreationYou are now a content creator, and it’s time as a content writer to draft your first few sentences and ensure you have a list of keywords you can use in your article. The keywords driving traffic in your niche can be found by using keyword tools such as Google Adwords and Brandoverflow to discuss what your post will be talking about, then keep writing until you’ve reached 2500 words (or whatever word count goal you set).

When creating your content, take care to ensure that the content in all of your company’s written and spoken communications is compelling. The small business is unlikely to have the resources to professionally edit for grammar, punctuation, clarity, and concision before publishing or distributing. It also means avoiding jargon and speaking to customers from their perspective.

Many companies find themselves with insufficient internal resources to complete this task adequately; therefore, they hire freelance content writing services specializing in these tasks on an as-needed basis. Alternatively, some businesses may prefer hiring a freelance writer to produce a polished copy of fresh content on-demand using; some small businesses have a team member to create content.

Once finished editing, go back and read through everything again, making sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes.

  • Ask a colleague to proofread your content to ensure clarity and highlight spelling mistakes.
  • There are several AI (Artificial Intelligence)  grammar/spelling devices available Linguix is an AI you can use, and it now has a Plagiarism checker to confirm your content is original.
  • Use Appropriate Images to add impact to your content.
  • Schedule your posts following your content marketing strategy to your Business Website and social media platforms following the timings in your plan. Social media schedulers such as Social Champ will post your content to multiple sites over a predetermined period.
  • You can repurpose existing marketing content.
  • Review your blog posts to ensure the informative content is up to date and refresh using the current keywords driving blog traffic


What is Content Marketing with Video

#videocontentmarketing2021A video post is a short video uploaded to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or TicTok and can be used as a video Advert. This form of advertising provides many opportunities for small business owners, especially those who may not have large marketing budgets but still want the chance to reach new customers. Here are some things you need to make your ads:

  • A smartphone (iPhone or Android) with Internet access
  • Social Media Business Account(s) for advertising
  • Video editing software like iMovie on Mac computers, QuickTime player on PCs,
  • Music library where you purchase rights from artists if necessary. Some copyright-free sites, like uupbeat and LICK that have many free songs to choose from.
  • Photos, Video and graphics
  • Voice-over

Video gives you a huge opportunity to use Video to promote your business. You will already have valuable content from the types of content you have already posted on your business blog and social media.

  • Interviews with employees talking about their roles at work
  • Testimonials from customers who say they found success because of what you offer
  • Select a piece of current content that you know from your analysis of your content topics is of interest to your potential customers.
  • Videos demonstrate how easy it is to get started doing something new with your products or services.
  • Write a script that explains your service/product and why you are the best business to contact for this service.
  • Film the Video Post
  • Edit the Video using editing software; the Video should be no more than 2-3 minutes in length.
  • Add music and a voice-over if needed; get one of the team to provide the voice-over. A professional actor will cost £150 to £400 to speak 1000 words.

Creating Video as part of the content marketing tactics has become more accessible for the small business to use with limited resources and budget.

Content Marketing is a vital part of reaching potential customers, and without it, there would be no point to take on advertising campaigns.

Small businesses should not avoid content marketing because they think that creating blog posts or using social media isn’t worth their time- anything helps increase visibility online!

Remember that most blog post you create can be turned into shareable content and provide an opportunity for clients to interact with your business’ brand through different channels such as blogs, email, videos and podcasts.

It allows companies to build leadership by being seen as experts and professionals within their industry, which builds trust amongst consumers making them more likely to purchase products from a specific business over another one. Developing customer relationships also has benefits when trying to create share-worthy content to amplify your social presence.

#contentmarketing2021As you can see, content marketing is an important part of any successful small business strategy. It ensures your most influential posts are sent out on all sites regularly and make sure the content is valuable for readers. Video has fast become an integral part of any good content strategy, so don’t miss out! If video isn’t really your thing or it’s not profitable for your industry, we recommend creating high-quality blog posts with great imagery as well as engaging social media posts (don’t forget to post them!). Like anything else, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to what type of content will work best for you, but these three types should be included in everyone’s marketing strategy.


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